We are excited that you are interested in baptism! We consider it a privilege to walk with you as you take this next step on your spiritual journey.


the basics:

  • All have sinned and are separated from God.

  • Sin requires a payment and Jesus paid that with his life and blood on the cross.

  • Through the belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that gap is bridged.   

  • Then turn away from sin and ask God to take charge.

  • Make a public declaration that Jesus is your lord and savior.

  • Get baptized.

There’s a bit more to it, so read on…

While the list is helpful to see the steps in getting baptized, baptism itself has more depth. Baptism is a way of showing others that you have entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. It symbolizes what took place in your heart at the time of salvation when you accepted Christ as your lord and savior. By submerging in water you represent dying to your old self then you rise up as a new creation. Your old life is buried and you are born again. So baptism represents the washing away of our sins by the blood of Jesus. Baptism, as an act of faith, is a decision made by a believer in Jesus Christ. Baptism does not make you a believer, rather it shows that you already believe.


branches baptism experience:

The baptism process at Branches has been designed to be both simple and meaningful.

  1. Complete the Baptism Interest Form.

  2. Once received, we will contact you to talk about the process.

  3. Get baptized.

Baptisms typically take place during Sunday morning services. Baptism is a powerful testimony for those watching. If you have further questions please feel free to submit them to